Are you ready for a one-day conference that will change your life and business?

The She Believed 1-Day Conference is a spectacular, one-day event featuring amazing speakers and your community’s best vendors. This full-day event is packed with information, resources, tips, strategies and connections to help you improve and grow your business and your life.  And chocolate…..lots of chocolate.

The event features powerful keynote presentations, life and business changing ideas on a wide variety of topics, networking and a business expo where you can shop and support local small businesses.

  • Learn what the next step is for towards the success you've always wanted.
  • Discover ways to grow and improve your business and life.
  • Make valuable connections with local women in business.
  • Breakout speakers - Attend as many as you wish!
  • Vendor Expo - Shop and support local small businesses.
  • Comfortable & friendly environment.
  • A light lunch is included.
  • Interactive conference - everyone gets to participate!
  • The first 75 people in the door will receive an amazing swag bag stuffed full of goodies.

Who is this event for?

The She Believed 1-Day Conference is designed for women who have experienced some sort of success in their life or business. They also know that so much more is possible for them. They might need:

  • Confidence to make better decisions.
  • A community of supportive, action-forward women.
  • To let go of some old beliefs or messages that are no longer serving.

Are you ready to be lifted up and be amongst your community’s most positive women?  The She Believed 1-Day Conference is the perfect place for you to be the change you want to see in the world.

This is more than a one-day conference – it’s about being your best self.  And, it is all about women empowering women!!

Join us!

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Des Moines, IA
Cedar Falls, IA

Breakout Speakers

Brenda Jankowski

Photography Sponsor

Rene Estes

Videography Sponsor

Cheryl Campbell

What Keeps Your Fire Going?

Amanda Crowell

Unleash Your Potential

Chestina Dowgiewicz

Use Your Broken Pieces & Turn Them Into Something Beautiful

Kamie Lehmann

Nicole Lewis-Keeber

Master Your Money Mindset

Lynne McMullin

Simplify Your Style

Christine Morris

Structure, Systems, and Sanity

Jessica Procini

Steph Sides

5 Steps to Social Media Success for Small Business Owners

Jodi Silverman

Self-Talk Clean Up

Exhibit Sponsors

Plan to Attend

Join Us At A City Near You

Des Moines, IA
Cedar Falls, IA

“My goal for the She Believed 1-Day Conference is to create a day-long community where you have great connections and learn valuable strategies to grow your business and change your life!"

Event Organizer of the She Believed 1-Day Conference
International Business Coach, Award-Winning Speaker and Retreat Leader